Kev Wright




Kev Wright was born on March 28th, 1955 in the Chicago suburb of Joliet, Illinois. He grew up in Joliet in his early childhood years where you could find him on the floor banging on the bongos. The first guitar that he ever picked up was a beat up 12-string with missing strings. With his new found passion for music, he began watching other guitar players and slowly but surely began to learn the craft.

Kev has said, “Music is the one thing that saved my life.” Away from home, he listened to artists like Jimmy Hendrix and the Doors. Kev used music as an outlet for when he was distressed or joyful, and learned to express himself through his music.  Even today, it’s not uncommon to see a tear hit the ground from the passion and emotion that surges through his body.

He moved to New Lenox, Illinois at the age of 8 and grew up there. In 1978, he married Debby Buck and they had two children, Caitlyn and Ian. They moved to places in Southern Illinois and South Dakota, but realized that their true home was back in New Lenox. Kev has been a lead guitarist and songwriter in different bands for over 30 years. Before deciding to break out as a solo artist, he was the Lead Guitarist and Co-Songwriter for The Righteous Hillbillies. For the past nine years with them, Kev played with artists like Brett Michaels, Charlie Daniels and other musicians alike. He’s performed in Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, and countless cities throughout Illinois. One of Kev’s greatest achievements was when he recorded at the legendary Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with Jeff Givens and the Mug Shot Saints. From his recognition on that record, he was contacted by a number of different musicians and bands to be featured on their albums.

With Kev Wright’s first solo album, Journey Road, releasing March 2016, he wants his listeners to get a glimpse at a very different side of him. A side that expresses his passionate soul through the tales and lessons passed down to him by his greatest influence, his grandfather, Paul Harrison Wright. He has dedicated so much to this album and is thankful for the support he has received from his friends and family. He will continue to make music until he dies, and in the words of Kev, “Roll with the dice and see what happens.”



The Oysters of Love –Self titled

Rattlesnake – The Electric

Rattlesnake - Unplugged

The Brent James Band - The Road Less Traveled
The Brent James Band – $20.00 and Changes Single

Saving Christmas – One Night at the Manic Inn

Kev – Hobos, Hippies and Horrible Wars

Kev – Confessions of a Never Was

Martin / Wright – Horror Film Scores

The Righteous Hillbillies – Self titled

The Righteous Hillbillies – Not Alone CD

The Righteous Hillbillies – Trece Diablos

The Righteous Hillbillies – The Muscle Shoals Sessions

Jeff Givens and the Mug Shot Saints – Midnight In Muscle Shoals

Kev Wright with the Restless Souls – Journey Road 2016


Mike Tyler – It’s About Time – Guitar

The Stone City Stragglers - Little Misfortunes & Innocent Mistakes – Songwriting Credit

The Stone City Stragglers - It's Never Too Late To Mend – Harmonica, Voiceover

Nicole Jamrose - (Nashville Star)-Songwriting Credits, Acoustic Guitar

The Projection – Voice-Overs, Harmonica

The AcoustiBobs – Acoustic Guitar, Drums

Epic Fail – Guitar

Billy G – Down The Road – Electric /Acoustic Guitar

Jeff Givens and the Mug Shot Saints – Midnight In Muscle Shoals - Electric/Acoustic Guitars – Bkg Vocals

Ted Slowik – Solo Record (TBA) – Electric Guitar- Slide Guitar- Bkg Vocals

Chase Walsh – Solo Record (TBA) –Electric/Acoustic Guitars



Saving Christmas – One Night at the Manic Inn

Rattlesnake – Electric

Kev – Hobos, Hippies and Horrible Wars

Kev - Confessions of a Never Was

The Projection – Thanks for Caring

Epic Fail - Epic Fail

Martin / Wright – Horror Film Scores

Ted Slowik – Solo Record (TBA) 2016 - co production

Chase Walsh – Solo Record (TBA) 2016 – co production